The Soderi Board

The Board represents Soderi members as a whole.

The Board members are elected for 6 years and elect the Chairman. The Board usually meets 3 times per year.

Any Soderi member is entitled to vote for his/her representatives. Each share counts for one vote, with a limit of 3,750 votes per person.

The Chairman seats in the Sopra Steria Group Board, as per the shareholders agreement between Soderi and Sopra GMT, the primary shareholder of Sopra Steria Group.

This shareholders agreement also provides for a right of prior discussion between the Soderi representative and the Sopra GMT representative on the stucturing decisions of the group (merger, takeover, disposal, presentation of the annual strategic plan).

The Soderi Board also ensures the functioning of Soderi (budget, financial statements, activities) and the facilitation of employee shareholding within Sopra Steria Group.

Members also meet in workgroups, that works on the following topics:

  • Communication & Services for shareholders 
  • the Soderi Information System
  • Induction
  • Share Schemes Improvement and governance of employee shareholding
  • the Soderi AGM

Lastly, the Candidates committee is activated in election year to encourage and reviw applications for Board membership.