Soderi is the company owned by Sopra Steria Group's employee shareholders.




Soderi's missions are:

  • to bring together employee and retiree shareholders of Sopra Steria Group,
  • to be a partner of the Group governance: a shareholders' agreement with Sopra GMT, the Group primary shareholder of Sopra Steria, provides for 2 representatives of employee shareholders within the Sopra Steria Group Board of directors,
  • to facilitate Group employee shareholding.

In particular, Soderi is in charge of facilitating employee shareholding and fostering the entrepreneurial mindset and skills of its members, by providing them with:

  • online training courses,
  • friendly and informative events, such as the Annual General Meeting,
  • communication channels: its corporate website and information on a regular basis.

The Soderi Board comprises members elected by and within the Soderi shareholders, employee and retiree shareholders of the Group. The Soderi Chairman is elected by the Board members and represents employee shareholders in the Sopra Steria Group Board of Directors.

Last but not least, Soderi takes an active part in the works of lobbying associations in favour of employee shareholding (French associations Fondact and FAS and the European Federation - EFES).




With its representative Board and active committees, through a shareholders agreement with Sopra GMT, Soderi is fully equipped to continue its mission: promoting, facilitating and developing employee shareholding within the Group.

Soderi is also working together with the Sopra Steria Group Board of Directors in order to define an umbrella structure for employee shareholding in the Group.


A walk down memory lane...


The Soderi holding was set up on 19 June 1969, three months before the creation of Steria, to represent Steria employee shareholders. Steria's founder, Jean Carteron, originally had a majority holding in Soderi, while the first seven employee shareholders each held 7%. Employee shareholders jointly controlled Steria through this holding company.

Eventually all group employees were able to become employee shareholders. Soderi members had two main objectives: having a share in company profits and also contributing to its development and protecting its independence. Thirty years after the company was started and just before Steria’s IPO, Soderi still held 57% of the group's shares and continued to control the group.

Before Steria became a listed company in 1999, it changed into an SCA, a partnership limited by shares, which meant that Soderi was general partner and its shareholders still had a controlling interest, while the group was able to pursue its international development as a leading end-to-end IT services provider.

In 2014 Steria merged with Sopra Group to form Sopra Steria Group after a public exchange offer. Soderi is no longer general partner but keeps bringing together employee and retiree shareholders, acting as governance partner and facilitating employee shareholding within the Group.