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The developer reserves the right to modify the contents of the site without giving prior notice to the user.

Consequently, the user accepts using the information at his/her own risk.


Intellectual property


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Any reproduction, in whole or in part of the abovementioned trademarks, from the website, without the consent of the developer is therefore prohibited by intellectual property laws.

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Information technology and Freedom law


In accordance with the European Directive dated 24th October 1995 and the 1978 Information Technology and Freedom law, the user is informed that in the event he/she is asked to provide information, it will be solely because the information is required to process his/her request or for administrative /external communication purposes or for maintaining statistics.

The user is informed that he has the right to access, rectify or delete information concerning him/her by sending an email to the following address: email.

The user is informed that while browsing through this site, a cookie could get automatically installed in his/her browser. The cookie is a data file which tracks the user as he/she browses the website and stores this information. It does not store information concerning the identity of the user.

The user can modify the parameters of his/her browser in order to receive an alert before the cookie is installed. He/she can block the cookie according to the process described at the following website: http://www.cnil.fr

The user has the right to access, delete or modify the data transmitted by the cookies as described above.

Failure to respect the clauses of the law relative to Information Technology, Files and Freedom will expose the user to legal sanctions.

The user must particularly, in the event that he/she has accessed personal data, abstain from any collection, inappropriate use of this data and, generally speaking, from any action likely to interfere with the private lives or reputation of people


Applicable law and jurisdiction


These terms of use are governed by the French law. Any disputes that arise shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Paris.


Legal References


Pursuant to the provisions of the law dated 21st June 2004 for Trust in the Digital Economy, the user is informed that:

  • This website is the property of  Soderi,  a simplified joint-stock company with variable capital, registered with the  Registre du commerce et des sociétés de Paris (the Paris Register of Commerce and Trade) under the following number : 404 390 486. The headquarters of the company are based at 9 bis rue de Presbourg FR-750116 Paris (email, Telephone: +33 (0)1 40 67 29 29).
  • Jean-Bernard Rampini, in his capacity as the Chairman of Soderi, is in charge of publishing the website.
  • The service provider hosting the website is Easynet which is headquartered at Le Capitole 55 Avenue des Champs Pierreux FR-92 000 Nanterre (telephone: +33 (0)1 77 49 72 62).